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Voting for president

Igorots Cast Votes

The Fair's Philippine Reservation included villages for the three Igorot groups, the Bontocs, Suyocs, and Tuinguianes.  In the Philippines the Igorots were farmers and miners.

Several Igorots showed an interest in the American presidential election of 1904 and asked to be able to cast their ballots.

In response, two polling places were established in the Igorot village. Photographs of the two candidates, Theodore Roosevelt and Alton B. Parker, were placed over Igorot gongs; beans serving as ballots. Roosevelt carried the election, 83 to 2. 

Hourly the Igorots performed native dances for fair-goers.  Fair-goers were intrigued by the Igorot custom of putting their small possessions and tobacco in the basket hats they wore. 

The Igorot culture included dog as part of their native diet.  While some fair-goers and the Humane Society discussed the custom in the daily newspapers, others helped assure the Igorotes were supplied with dogs during the Fair.

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